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THE WELL U supports our mission, "Healing brokenness in EACH of us ... discovering wholeness in ALL of us" by providing content that develops relational wholeness in your relationships with self, God, others and "creation" (your unique place in the world). THE WELL U provides the opportunity for adults to "go deeper" into the Bible, history, doctrine, literature, self-discovery/improvement strategies, and other "WELL-related" materials. We want "u" to be the best you! THE WELL U provides you a framework to: learn, grow, improve and thrive. THE WELL U is open to ALL (anyone in the church or community may sign-up for a course). Courses are offered in "Quarters" (4 times a year). Some courses may repeat, and not all courses will be on Sunday mornings. See the "Course Catalog" for more information each Quarter. Are you ready to challenge yourself and grow? Join us in THE WELL U!  (Register by clicking link below).

The Well U Registration

early fall quarter 2017

  • the bible for dummies- PArt III

    INSTRUCTORS: Doug Bush & Morris Cromer

    LOCATION: Conference Room (past “Student Lounge”)

    DURATION: 10 weeks (Starts 8/6)

    WHEN: Sunday’s @ 11:15 am

    DESCRIPTION: It’s been said that the Bible is the best known, but least understood book in the world. By some estimates, over 150,000 Bibles are sold each day, but many sit unread on bookcases or bedside tables. Why? This class will encourage you to take your Bible off the shelf, dust it off, and start reading and applying it. It is designed to be an introduction for the first-time Bible readers, or a helpful review for Bible scholars. Topics will include: • How did we get the Bible? • Can we trust it? • How can I better understand how it applies to me? We will also discuss major Bible themes and important Bible characters. Come prepared with lots of questions and expect lively discussion. [This course is continued from Summer.]

  • faith on film

    INSTRUCTOR: Ryan Morrison

    LOCATION: Classroom 103 (down main hallway past “Student Lounge” next to Conference Room)

    DURATION: 10 weeks (Starts 8/6)

    WHEN: Sunday’s @ 11:15 am

    DESCRIPTION: Everyone is intrigued by a good story. The Bible is essentially a large volume of stories … stories that reveal truth in compelling ways. Film is another vehicle that can tell gripping stories and reveal truth. Some of the essential themes and truths revealed in Scripture also find themselves playing out on the big screen. This is not shocking considering that God’s image is hardwired into our human DNA. God’s creation is telling a story. Join us as we see God and grow our faith through the medium of film.