Homecoming SUnday: Sunday, 9/15

You are invited for a special day to celebrate our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY


Sunday Worship | 10:00-11:15 AM

Join us for worship. All are welcome! Nursery and classes for kids Preschool to 3rd grade provided during worship.

Fellowship Fiesta (taco bar) | 11:30-1:00 PM

This food fiesta will follow our worship time. Feel free to join us for a taco feast. If you are interested in bringing items or helping with food service, please email: jana@thewell.community. Thank you!

Ribbon Cutting + Community Open House | 1:00-3:00 PM

We've never had an official Ribbon Cutting since we moved to 554 Pit Rd. Now seems like the time. We will celebrate 5 years in Brownsburg with cake and punch. Anyone from the community is invited to drop in, hang out, play and take part in the festivities.

If you have any specific questions regarding any aspect of Homecoming Sunday, please feel free to reach us at: meet@thewell.community

A page from our story...

Before we were THE WELL.COMMUNITY, we were known as the Westlake Church of Christ. The Westlake congregation met at 612 N. High School Rd. on the westside of Indianapolis. The church existed at that location for 44 years.

THE WELL.COMMUNITY is indebted to those individuals who first gave of their lives to plant Westlake on the westside of Indy about 50 years ago. Our years as the Westlake congregation were a rich treasure to the lives of those who engaged in ministry together and touched many people with the love of Jesus.

However, we felt that God was calling us to a new chapter as a new kind of church. We wanted to attempt to be an everyday church housed in a multi-purpose facility that could engage a community in everyday life. Borrowing from the ancient concept of wells, which were everyday gathering centers for the community since water was essential for life ... THE WELL.COMMUNITY was born from these roots, seeking to be an everyday gathering center for the community that would bless others with the living water of Jesus.