welcome to the well.community!

We strive to BE the church every day... not just on Sunday. This belief is what drove our decision to become a Community Center that is also a church family. We have renovated a cosmetology training room (inside of Midwest Technical Institute) in Brownsburg to function as THE WELL.COMMUNITY CENTER as well as a meeting place for our family at THE WELL.COMMUNITY Church. We are passionate about community and allowing a space for people to be together. 

We hope you will come in to our center sometime to play or say "hi". It is completely free** and there is no obligation to join our church (although if you are interested, we would be more than happy to have you!).

**Free during open hours. There is a charge for party/event rentals.

We are excited to announce that we have moved to a new space in October 2016! Our new address is 554 Pit Road in Brownsburg (the Midwest Technical Institute building).

New location


We are moving to a digital system in the new building. Everyone who comes to play will need to fill out the following form (even if you had previously filled out a paper version). Filling this out ahead of time will help us get you in the door more quickly! Please take a minute to follow this link and fill out the form prior to visiting us.


Thank you!! We can't wait to play together soon!!