STRATEGY: how do we fulfill the mission?

Our strategy is best understood when you hear the story of Jesus with the woman at the well (John 4). This is a powerful story of what happens when broken people have an encounter with Jesus, the “living water”. He changes lives and communities!

We are a community all about "the well", the life source, the living water, the life transforming Word, the gathering place of the weary traveler and broken hearted, a source of renewing and refreshing. We are a place to gather at the well, connect around the well (take in for wellness and life, best done together with others), serve the water beyond the well (because we can't afford to keep the water to ourselves) ... then, dig new wells, for the fields are ripe for harvest, and there is no life or growth without the water. Therefore ...

GATHER at THE WELL — Sunday gathering/worship + learning environments for kids and teens (i.e. theWELLkidz; THE WELL TEENS)

CONNECT around THE WELL — weekly small groups in homes (called = HUBS)

SERVE in THE WELL — thru the week (Center) + at Sunday gatherings

DIG new WELLS (i.e. "Going Deeper") — personally, corporately, globally ... THE WELL U (for adults); personal mission; water wells overseas

MEASURES: When are we successful?

Our Mission Measures — “Wholeness” is progress made in healing the four essential relationships. (Relationship to: self, God, others, creation)


Measuring my progress in healing my relationship to self.

1) Do I want to “get well”? (John 5:6) Y / N

2) How do those closest to me perceive my level of wellness? (scale: 1 2 3 4)

3) Who knows the “real me”? 1. ____________ 2. ______________ 3. _______________

4) What’s my plan to “get well” over the next 30 days? (list possible resources)

5) Who will walk with me as I follow my wellness plan? Name: ___________________


Measuring my progress in healing my relationship to God.

1) Do I believe God is “good”?

     (scale: Never — Sometimes — Most of the Time — Always)

2) Have I fully embraced God’s blessing? (Genesis 1:28; 12:2-3; Mark 1:11)

     (scale: Focus on my actions despite the blessing >>>> <<<< Embrace the blessing despite my actions)

3) What do I need to follow through on?

4) What is God asking me to let go?

5) When was the last time I did something for the first time?

     What was it? _____________________________
 When was it? ____________________________ 


Measuring my progress in healing my relationship with others.

1) Do I make room in my life for relationships with others? Y / N

2) In my closest circle of friends, how many spiritual conversations do we have? 

3) In my relationships with others, does talking about Jesus come naturally, or is it more awkward? (scale: Awkward >>>><<<<Natural)

4) Who has God brought into my life in the last 30 days that I can encourage?

     Name(s): ___________________________________________________________

5) Who is following me as I follow Jesus? Name(s): ________________________


Measuring my progress in healing my relationship with creation. (“How well do I work?” + “How well do I work with others?”)

1) Do I feel the way I live my daily life is a blessing to others? Y / N

2) How is God evident in my life Monday thru Saturday?

3) To what extent am I using my God-given assets (my time, talent & treasure)?

     (scale: Never >>>><<<< Always)

4) Considering my God-given assets, what can I do to make God more evident to others?

5) How well do I work with others? 

     (scale: Doing it the “right way” is most important>>>><<<< Working with others to meet the goals is most important)