The Well Staff

  • Ryan morrison - lead minister

    Ryan is our acronym using, sports loving, sarcastic Lead Minister. He has been serving with us for 11 years! He has a big job keeping all of us crazies in line (kidding... kind of). Ryan leads our church by example of how to BE the church every day, not just on Sunday. Ryan is the founder of the plaid shirt club.

  • Nathan grounds - youth and family minister

    Nathan's goal is to come alongside our families and join with them as they raise their teens, equipping them with tools  and opportunities to connect with their children (i.e. camping trips... but that's only because he likes to play in the fire). Nathan is very easy to get along with.... despite his loyalty to the Dallas Cowboys. Nathan is a member of the plaid shirt club.

  • vanda terrell - office manager

    Vanda is our detail oriented, number crunching queen! She is never late but don't let that fool you... Vanda has a genuine, youthful heart that loves to get on the floor and play cars or puzzles with our little ones. 

  • jana morrison - center director

    Jana is always on the move! She makes running the CENTER, driving kids to activities, being a Minister's wife, and teaching fitness classes look effortless. We wonder what her secret is... Jana, can you please bottle it up for us?

  • Jon Pitman - Member care

    Jon is our "go to" guy when somebody needs something done. Honestly, he is kind of all over the place and we aren't sure if we have ever seen him sit down. He is also our resident "funny man" that keeps us laughing during staff meetings on Monday mornings. Jon has the unique job of serving as one of our elders as well as on our staff. Jon has a BIG heart for the Lord and for His people.

  • deb howard - center manager

    If you have visited our CENTER, then you know who Deb is! She is always there loving on our families and  handing out suckers (if you help clean up your toys!) 

  • haley grounds - media director

    Haley is in charge of our visual communications- she makes our promotional materials and manages our social media accounts... In short, she plays on her phone all day. She's passionate about yoga, donuts, and making people feel welcome.